With a lifelong love of clothes and inspired by the unique, sophisticated style of her Mum, it was no surprise that Faurie entered the retail industry in the late ‘90s as a buyer.

After travelling all over the world, shopping retail and visiting suppliers in every corner of the globe searching for fresh style ideas and inspiration, Faurie developed a love for Men's suits.

“I have always loved the exceptional detail of the inside of Men’s Suit Jackets and the fun fabric patterns. I often wondered why there were no mid-tier brands that offer this in a women’s suit.”

It was during her extensive travels that Faurie uncovered a missing piece.

A women’s suit jacket that would rival those found in men’s ranges.

The cut, superior fit and indulgent luxury with that distinctive attention to detail - those signature elements in men's suit jackets didn’t exist in women's fashion.

And Faurie decided it was time to change that.

She set out to create the ultimate women's suit jacket, as well as a unique range of inspired limited edition garments.

The Faurie range has been designed for women to confidently wear clothing that matches their inner beauty to their own unique expression of style.

Be fierce. Be feminine. Be Faurie.